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Basalt Fiber World offers a wide assortment of basalt products e.g.basalt fiber roving’s, basalt fiber filament yarn, chopped basalt fibers with and without size, basalt fiber fabric, basalt fiber mats and many other basalt fiber products. INCOTELOGY GmbH is a producer and distributor of basalt fiber products: Basal fiber rovings, basalt fiber filament yarn, chopped strand with and without sizing, basalt fiber fabrics, basalt fiber mats, basalt fiber non-woven fabrics and other basalt fiber products. For more information about INCOTELOGY GmbH and basalt fiber products, please visit the website of INCOTELOGY GmbH and our online-shop. www.incotelogy.de www.iXperial.de INCOTELOGY GmbH ist ein Produzent und Distributor von Basaltfaserprodukten: Basaltfaserrovings, Basaltfaser Filamentgarnen, geschnittenen Basaltfasern mit und ohne Schlichte, Basaltfasergeweben, Basaltfasermatten, Basaltfaser Vliesstoffen und anderen Basaltfaserprodukten. Für mehr Informationen über INCOTELOGY GmbH und Basaltfaserprodukte besuchen Sie bitte die Internetseite von INCOTELOGY GmbH und unser Online-Shop.

INCOTELOGY GmbH on JEC 2016 in Paris

Availability of new reinforcing materials allows innovative solutions in automotive applications. Basalt reinforcing fibers but especially continuously growing number of basalt fiber products and semi-finished products enable to realize new concepts and visions. Welcome at stage of industry 4.0.!

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