Basalt Fiber Applications


Racormance Composite Bikes 



Among existing fibers basalt fiber with its dark color is the closest to carbon fiber by color. Much less expensive basalt is used as either a replacement for carbon and glass fibers or in combination with it. By using carbon and basalt together the cost of finished products can be reduced significantly without losing attractiveness of its appearance. Coating and concealing of basalt fiber fabrics allow to reach not only better fire protection performance and higher mechanical properties but also new design surface optic. New range of elastic knitted and hybrid knitted fabrics can be used as filtering materials. Additional high thermal resistance allows application of these fabrics in many places where other materials would be destroyed. Due to high E-Modulus and tensile strength of basalt fibers find basalt fiber fabrics applications by manufacturing of sport equipment e.g. snowboards , wind surfboards and tuning parts. High elasticity and high strength of composite materials made with basalt fibers allow to absorb forces better than carbon or glass fibers.

An example basalt fiber multiaxial fabrics in combination with balsa timber are excellent suitable to manufacturing of ultralight longboards and provide low-cost substitution alternative for commonly used materials such as Airex and carbon fiber. With the sandwich composition of basalt fiber triaxial fabric 900 g/sqm and balsa timber as core you can reach not only the lightness and strength but especially comfortable driving quality.



How basalt fiber fabrics are working good in sandwich constructions especially with timber shows following example of professional table tennis racket. Because of high E-Modulus of basalt fibers vibrations can damped better than by carbon or glas fibers.



Basalt fiber tapes are excellent material for thermal-insulation of exhaust systems by motorbikes and cars. The high operating temperature range of basalt fibers allow to use basalt tapes as insulation materials on pipes of exhaust systems whereby the temperature is going up to 900°C. Easily handling and installation make basalt fiber ribbons to preferred insulation material and different available widths of these ribbons allow usage on various sizes and shapes of exhaust pipes.


The combination of basalt fiber cords and tapes as excellent thermal insulation for exhaust systems and more … very high temperature operating range of basalt fibers without shrinkage allows usage in different applications where other fibers collapse! More information by INCOTELOGY GmbH under:

Thermal insulation

Basalt fiber fabrics are excellent suitable for organo-sheets. As non-combustible material can be used especially for insulation and fire protection applications.



A sandwich construction of polyester spacer fabrics reinforced bilateral with basalt fiber fabric to get more strength and stability of light sandwich constructions.



High tensile strength and resistance to chemicals and corrosion are the main argument to preferable using of basalt fibers to manufacturing of durable pipes especially for chemical and food industry.



Basalt fibers as non-conductive material can be used by manufacturing of battery boxes in electro cars, but also body shape of racing cars, insulation of exhaust systems or manufacturing of brake pads.



Basalt fibers arouse increasingly interest upon automobile manufacturer as innovative alternative to high expensive carbon fibers.

INCOTELOGY GmbH as first company in the world has presented colored basalt fiber yarn at Composites Europe show 2014 in Düsseldorf. The new solution for design of fabrics and much more …



The original color of basalt fiber laminates allows creation of new innovative surface designs

Basalt Fiber Laminates



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